Celia Dragouni is a Greek fashion designer who received her degree in fashion and textile design at Parsons School of Design in Paris as well as in fine arts at Chelsea College of Art in London.In Paris,she worked under Sonia Rykiel for  two years, before returning to Greece to launch her own brand.

Celia is constantly inspired by the traditional elements of foreign areas in her travels,using their influence to create her own prints.Her work aligns with a chic and bohemian look,an effortless style for which she is well known.

She encourages wearing her pieces for any occasion,but loves to see delicate silhouettes and handcrafted details flowing under the sun,from morning to sunset.

Celia creates elegant,simple looks that she has always admired.

The materials she uses,have broadened to include a greater variety of sustainable materials.           

As Celia has grown into her mission as a designer,the brand has evolved the same way: working towards a sustainable future in fashion with a strong focus on recycling and upcycling.

While you shop through the beauty of Celia Dragouni’s collections,take time to see hand-drawings she has created and transferred onto the colorful prints of her signature dresses and kimonos.

Celia Dragouni’s brand is known for its style,individuality and quality.Her pieces have been worn by Dree Louise Hemingway,Jessica Hart,Lindsay Lohan,Ana Beatriz Barros,Rita Wilson,Arielle Charnas,Valentina Micchetti and more.